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Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties: A Leader in Short-Term Rentals

From guest check-ins to check-outs, property and business owners need not worry about anything because Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties handles it all. The company strives to fulfill its mission to make life so much easier for its clients. With passion and determination, the rising property management and marketing company is currently one of the fastest-growing and leading companies in the industry. 

Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties is a property management and marketing company that currently manages over 150 luxury villas, homes, and boutique resorts. Aside from being hands-on when it comes to check-ins and check-outs, the company also sets up the clients’ portfolios and runs them for marketing. They take pride in the approaches that it takes to ensure improved net profits for the clients. The company further highlights, “We only get paid when we deliver what we promised.” 

It was at a meeting in a small coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio, where the ideas and plans for Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties were born. Two like-minded individuals, Ryan Gibson and Will Hetherington decided to take a leap of faith and explored a new chapter of their lives by building a company that would make a positive difference in the world of short-term corporate housing management.

Ryan came from the corporate world and has always been passionate about real estate and short term rentals. In the company, he handles the “client-relationship management, expansion and growth into emerging markets.” On the other hand, Will was one of the top real estate agents in Columbus before dedicating his time to providing concrete advice to clients and investors looking to maximize their properties. Together with their team of real estate professionals, sales, and marketing experts, they make up Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties.

Today, Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties is at the forefront of every short-term rental market they are in. The company is consistent in dominating the industry and surpassing its competitors by taking into account what matters most. Its focus is on providing unparalleled management services that leave customers beyond satisfied. On top of this, it implements online marketing strategies, crafted after countless trials and errors, that have been proven and tested to increase a client’s bottom line. 

The short-term rental agency is on a mission to shift the connotation towards short-term rentals from a negative light to a positive one. By providing their guests with an unforgettable experience, the company hopes to make a difference in the industry that would open more opportunities to real estate investors and enthusiasts leaning towards short-term rentals.

The team behind Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties emphasizes the importance of believing in one’s self. When the company started, it faced 50 closed doors before a single one opened. But with the right mindset, clear purpose, and a willingness to invest, it has created a team that puts all the systems and processes in place, ensuring its success today and in the future.

For more information on short-term rental services and investments, visit their website. Follow Ryan and Hetherington’s Instagram accounts, @theryangibson and @williamheth, for updates.


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