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We Help Entrepreneurs Go From $0 to $1M+ in 12 Months Or Less With 50%+ Profit Margins…

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How To Scale Your STR Revenue, Maintain 50%+ Profit Margins,
And Remove Yourself Entirely From Operations In 1 Year Or Less…

Presenter: Ryan Gibson & Will Hetherington

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Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties $0 to $259,000 in 12 Months, with just 14 units in Columbus during the COVID Pandemic.

Gross Revenue From Merchant Account
Columbus Portfolio Over 8 Months

Gibson & Hetherington Luxury Properties

Niche: STR Marketing & Management Company
Result: $0 to $259k in 12 Months
Founder: Ryan Gibson

Denning Properties LLC $0 to $28,000 in 4 Weeks, Only Halfway Through The Accelerator

The Beginning

Denning Properties is a STR Property Management startup that offers Marketing, Managing and expansion services to Home Owners and Property Management Companies looking to scale their portfolio. They had a great product but lacked a scalable method for attracting and onboarding new clients, leading to a non scalable business and unpredictable revenue & cashflow.

The Process

Daniel Denning, Founder, approached the STR Wealth Accelerator Program in January 2021 from our Public Facebook group. We optimized their copy, installed the necessary systems and processes, revamped sales objections, and increased average weekly sales calls and emails.

The Results

Denning Properties LLC was sitting at two properties, and within 4 weeks of being in the program, added 8 more properties. Daniel says “If you are looking for help to scale and automate some of your business with the right systems and processes by not paying high-end dollars for employees, then sign up with the STR Wealth Accelerator Program.”

Denning Properties 

Niche:  Property Management 

Result: $0 to $28k in 4 weeks
Founder: Daniel Denning

Take Your Business To A New Level While Eliminating The 3 AM Calls

Within 24 hours of being inside the STR Wealth Accelerator, you will have full lifetime access to our lethal marketing and management machine.
It’s been refined over months of expensive mistakes and extensive consulting/training sessions. All in, you would have to spend easily over 100K in 1 year to learn the same concepts.

You’ll be able to use Gibson and Hetherington’s proven sales templates and systems. You will immediately be able scale out the portfolio you have now, increasing your nightly rates, and minimize the level of time involved.

Within 72 hours of working with the STR Wealth Accelerator, you can take advantage of hiring one of our lethal virtual assistants who has gone through 60 days of intensive training to grow your company.
You’ll stop wasting time and start making more money.

Get ready to have your Guesty account look like this!

What one of your properties can look like. Countless of opportunity! 

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Your prospects will compliment you on your outreach style!

We will show you exactly how to become data-driven in your prospecting strategy with our systems and processes

Avoid The Learning Curve,
Get Straight to Profits

When you make your units more efficient, you’ll see huge gains in occupancy and revenue.
Our techniques rely on pure personal experience from trial and error, making sure that you start on the right trajectory and have systems in place to keep stress levels minimal.

Furthermore, you will have access to all future meetings and lessons as we grow and improve without having to reapply or pay for the new version We’ll show you exactly what is working right now, not 5 years ago.

When you avoid the learning curve, you will not only avoid making expensive mistakes, but also help you increase your returns and lessen the time needed to get there. This is the method we used to get to 200 properties inside of 12 months, but this way you won’t have to spend so much to get there.

Join the Inner Circle of Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

Create Cash-Producing Sales Funnels Instead of Merely Relying on Airbnb.

Getting off the beaten path of booking channels requires an incredible amount of time and energy, but it’s essential to be able to compete with the pros. Everyone who didn’t have their ducks in a row went under in the last year, while other companies increased marketshare.

The biggest issue we have found is that most businesses either manually put in their time and energy towards the entire lead generation system, or worse, have someone utterly not competent enough do it it for them.
They stick a band aid on the problem, instead of figuring out how to solve it and thrive.

You will enjoy the same systems and funnels we are using right now.
This is the same machine that allows us to close deals of 50+ units per client (just in the first year), AND not mess it up. You’ll also urn it into an insanely profitable long term relationship. These are the people you’ll partner with on the exhilarating skyscraper deal later in your career.

Don’t waste the time if we have already cleared the path. The amount of time you have will always be the most important factor in any investment.

How far do you want to go?
Think big.

Discover the Scaling With Systems “cash machine” that we will design for you. It’s more than just another sales funnel.

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Make Your Business Model Hyper-Scalable And Remove Yourself From Fulfillment

You only have so many days in a year per property. Each property has a revenue ceiling that you can command for that location based on supply and demand.
Most people worry about squeezing an extra dollar out of each unit they have. This is completely fine, if you just want to be a millionaire on paper, but a slave to your work.

You and I both know that’s not the life you want.
Take 2 seconds and ask yourself, do I realistically have the back end systems and processes to have more than 50 units and still have a life?

This program not only saves you money but gives you the tools to create a business worth having and a life worth living.

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Leverage Virtual Assistants to grow your Portfolio and Solve Problems

Any company is only as good as its employees.
With the STR Wealth Accelerator, you won’t even have spend hours training or finding the right people.
Our team spends hours vetting each applicant to find people who are competent and have drive.

To save you time and money, you need a dependable team of proven problems solvers.
If your employees are not consistent, you will have no way to grow your sales funnels. Even worse, sub par performance often leads to inflated expenses and underwhelming revenue.
With us, you never have to worry.

Forget the “gurus”, we practice what we preach, so you’ll see a transparent view into our own system

Leverage our tracking software that will show you exactly what marketing / advertising channels are working and which ones are not!

Just one of the many success stories from our students.

The Old Way Vs. The New Way Of Running Short Term Rentals

The game has changed.

The Old Way

The New Way

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Here Are REAL Results From REAL Clients

All doing Short-Term Rentals Differently

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